Personal Injury

The Law Office of Gerald F. Chefalo handles all types of personal injury lawsuits throughout Northern Michigan. We have handled cases on behalf of a plaintiff (the injured party) and on behalf of a defendant. The variety of our experience helps us to know, understand and work within the law of personal injury in the State of Michigan. A good personal injury lawyer knows and understands both sides of a case.

We have experience litigating a variety of claims:

  • Auto accident / motor vehicle accident (first and third party)
  • Product liability / defective product
  • Wrongful death
  • Insurance disputes
  • Negligence actions
  • Premises liability, including, but not limited to, slip and fall cases and negligent security cases
  • Dramshop
  • Dog bite
  • Fire insurance claims
  • Boating accidents, including accidents involving jet skis and personal watercraft
  • Insurance disputes
  • Civil rights / police brutality

When contacted by an injured party, we meet and discuss potential remedies that address plaintiff’s suffering. By law, an injured party must bring any action to recover damages within a certain time period, called a statute of limitations. It is important for plaintiff to know what the limitations period is; once that period has expired, plaintiff is barred from bringing a lawsuit. We will advise you on the limitations period as well as discuss the possible types of damages you may be able to recover. For example, plaintiffs may recover compensation for injuries and lost wages and other damages suffered. In personal injury matters, you pay us on a contingency. This means that, other than costs, you pay us a percentage of your recovery rather than by the hour or project. If you do not recover by way of a settlement, verdict or arbitration award, you do not have to pay attorney fees.

When representing defendants, we discuss the likely timeline for the lawsuit, discuss insurance implications and develop a plan of defense. We seek to vigorously defend you and limit your liability.

Our office is knowledgeable and compassionate and understands that personal injury actions are stressful for both sides of the case. Often the plaintiff is still recovering while simultaneously pursuing legal recovery. Defendants are also often upset when sued for personal injury. We strive to handle your case with care and professionalism.