Traffic Offences

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Traffic Offences

Many people do not realize that traffic citation can have more severe implications than points on their driver’s license and fines. Even one ticket can result in significantly higher insurance premiums. Depending upon the charge, you may also face jail, traffic school, and license suspension. The good news is that if you have a clean driving record and have just received a ticket, you may be able to save your driving record and avoid higher insurance rates by fighting the ticket. We have successfully helped clients contest their traffic tickets, and experience has taught us that the best plea agreements are reached in cases where people have a clean driving record. In these cases, we have often been able to negotiate a deal with the prosecutor that results in zero points and no report of the ticket being sent to the Michigan Secretary of State. By investing your time and retaining an experienced and proven fighter to contest your traffic ticket, you may save your permanent driving record and avoid skyrocketing insurance premiums.

An estimated 34 million people nationwide receive traffic citation each year, yet only 4-10% of all tickets are contested. These are surprising statistics in light of the fact that the majority of people who hire an attorney and fight their tickets either win their case, or are offered a deal to reduce fines and/or points. Many people receive traffic citations for legitimately violating the law, however there is a large percentage who receive tickets for other reasons. Faulty speed measuring devices or aggressive law enforcement officers are just two of the reasons that may lead to a citation.

Some basic speeding tickets result in four points on your driving record. Careless driving is a three point offense and reckless driving brings six points and an automatic suspension with possible jail time. For out of state drivers, the Michigan Secretary of State will share any conviction records with their home state. Driving with a suspended license is a serious misdemeanor offense and punishable by jail time, an additional six points and added suspension time to your license. Many courts routinely require jail as part of a sentence for drivers with prior convictions. If you have been charged with driving on a suspended or restricted license, you need a proven fighter to help prepare and present your case before court. Our ability to help and assist you 24/7 is invaluable!CALL TODAY (231) 929-7744.

We know the value and importance of keeping a clean driving record; If you are a professional truck driver, your job may depend on it. Our understanding of the court system and rapport with the prosecutors, judge and police officers helps to pave the way to a possible plea agreement. In cases where there is no alternative but to fight, we are prepared to accept the challenge and fight the case! However, if we evaluate your case and determine there is little opportunity to win, we will be honest with you and explain all of the options available. Remember, if you intend to fight a traffic ticket you need to respond immediately. Failure to respond and demand a hearing within the specified time, usually ten days, will result in a default against you and your loss of the right to fight. DO NOT DELAY. We are available 24/7 for this reason (231) 929-7744.