License Restoration

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License Restoration

If you have lost your license in Northern Michigan, we may be able to help you get it back. We have represented clients whose license has been revoked due to tickets, Implied Consent Violations, or having more than one drunk driving conviction. As soon as we begin working for you, we start educating you on the legal pitfalls associated with license restoration cases and developing a plan to help ensure that your driving privileges are restored. We understand your situation and will take the time to advise you on the best strategies available to you. We want our clients to make informed decisions. Please call us today at (231) 929-7744 because the more time we have to prepare for the hearing, the better your chances for success.

License restoration can take two forms. In the first case, a person who has lost their license can challenge the loss by filing an action in the circuit court. In these situations, a circuit court judge has the authority to decide whether to deny their request, fully restore their license, or reinstate their license with restricted driving privileges. In the second situation (where most license restoration cases fall), a person appeals the revocation of their license by petitioning the Secretary of State drivers’ license appeal division (DLAD) and by appearing before an administrative law judge to make their case for having their license restored. The Secretary of State establishes strict guidelines on when a person is eligible to apply for an appeal and it is often limited to only once per year. In many drunk driving cases, an appeal cannot be filed for at least 1 to 5 years.

If you are considering either process, it is important to present the most compelling case at your hearing because of the imposed time restrictions. Unprepared or ill prepared cases will result in the judge denying your request and another year must pass before the process for restoration can begin again. Representation by competent counsel is critical to the success of license restoration. You must work with your attorney to develop the best strategy for winning your case (which may involve ensuring that you have an up to date substance abuse evaluation and are maintaining sobriety). It is recommended that you have witnesses at the hearing to establish credibility, but these witnesses must be evaluated and prepared for their appearance. Administrative law judges do not appreciate having their time wasted by irrelevant or badly selected witnesses and a mistake in the choice of witnesses could easily cost you your license.

Your first step towards restoring your driver’s license is to CALL 24/7 (231)929-7744. We will listen and advise you based on your situation and the law. By planning and presenting a fully prepared case for the hearing, and having someone to represent your best interests, you will increase your chances of enjoying your driving privileges again.